School Group Program

If your school is looking for a program to enhance the physical education curriculum or teach social and responsible interaction, we offer experiences that directly relate to these areas. Climbing is not only a physical activity, but also requires mental control and discipline, and precise communication. As a social activity, it requires a level of trust and interaction that is not attainable in a school environment. In order to ensure safety students must follow procedural routines before leaving the ground every time. This teaches them to be critical in their thought process and judgement.

The Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (OPHEA) has published new guidelines for climbing. The Rock Oasis meets or exceeds these guidelines.

Elementary Students: The instructors will belay (manage the safety rope) for the climbers. High School Students: The instructors will teach the students to belay each other.

Program is 2-3 hours long and can be booked at any time to meet your school or bussing schedule. Just call us at (416) 703-3434 to book your school group.

Cost is $25/student