Climbers Summit 2.0



Thank you all for coming to the last summit it was a great success. Check back for future dates and details.

If you didn’t make it to the last one here’s what you missed:

9:30: Registration

10:00 – 10:45: Yoga for Climbers with Sikin Samji and Greg More
Activity description: Yoga is the perfect match for climbers that want to take their climbing to the next level. Yoga helps climbers increase flexibility, strength and focus, which can be utilized when climbing.

11:00 – 11:45: Scapular Stability for Climbers with Dr Max Wong
Activity description: How can you prevent shoulder injuries and improve your climbing technique? While a lot of climbers know about the rotator cuff’s importance, not many know about how the shoulder blade’s movement plays into it. For this segment, Dr. Max Wong will take you through basic shoulder blade movement patterns, and how to use them to strengthen your climbing performance.

12:00 – 12:45: Climbing in Yosemite Slideshow with Pete Hoang
Activity description: A climber’s journey through Yosemite, covering a variety of classic climbs and areas through stories and photos. The slideshow is meant to give you an overall idea of the Valley to help you plan your own trip there!

1:00 – 1:45: Mobility for Climbers with Steve Moniz from Monvida
Activity description: Make the most out of your winter and learn all the benefits dry-land training can have for any climber taking on Mother Nature. This training camp we’ll be focusing on soft tissue techniques to help out with achy, tight overused muscles, and laying out a plan to increase your performance in the playground we call the outdoors. Keep your Rock God status going stronger for longer.

2:00 – onwards: Your time to climb!


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