Franklin Method Clinics


The Rock Oasis is presenting clinics for the climber looking to improve their movement capabilities, alignment, balance and function. Walk away from these clinics with a better understanding of how the shoulders, knees and pelvis are designed to function and move with maximum efficiency. Each clinic will be limited to 16 participants and cost $8 for members, $26 for non-members which includes the use of the gym for the day. Register at the desk or call (416) 703-3434 to get your spot. All prices are subject to HST.

What is the Franklin Method™?

These four clinics are for the climber who would like to keep climbing for years to come, while avoiding injury. Through understanding your body and how it functions, you can focus on improving strength and movement with less chance of recurring injury. The Franklin Method™ focuses on how the body is designed to function/move and how to embody that by using dynamic imagery. Learn more about the Franklin Method™ at:

Check back soon for dates as they become available.


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